Wednesday, December 17, 2008

I knew it wasn't broken

Ok so I knew my finger wasn't broken. The fear that it was broken and it would set that way scared me into getting it x-rayed.  I just have a tendon strain and swelling from a jammed finger.  So it should be healed and I will be able to lay up on the best of them soon. 


  1. You stinker! You didn't tell me you had a blog! I love the turtle picture!! How did you hurt your finger? I feel like we don't see you for a minute and something happens! How did the anniversary go? You looked like you were haveing fun at Old Navy.

  2. OH, I'm glad you didn't break it. I hope you are up to playing with us again. We're playing tomorrow morning at 10. Just so you know, in case you get this message by then. cool blog!! I'm excited to see more posts! It's so fun!

  3. I haven't seen you for quite awhile. Thanks for the birthday message. It made my heart and face smile. I've been meaning to ask where the word SIMTAGO comes from.